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Boy howdy, do we love playing board games!

But there are so many! And they’re so expensive! And how do you know if you want to buy them if you can’t play them first? And how am I supposed to entertain Meemaw and Grandpappy when they come to town for my son/daughter/hamster’s graduation?

This was the inspiration behind Tea + Victory. We love games, we love teaching people new games, we love playing all the games, and we love the community that is created when people get together, play together and eat and drink delightful things. Whether it’s a night out with your crew, or a lunch with family from out of town, there’s a game that’s perfect for that, and we’d love to help you find it!


How much to play the games?

It’s $5 per person to play all you want all day! As for why: look at our amazing library! 500+ games! Vintage games! That jazz isn’t easy to maintain! We work hard to bring you a wide variety of truly awesome games, and make sure that they’re in great shape and not stinky from too much spilled coffee.

 I gotcha’. What about–

Wait, I’m not done! We also have trained Game Guides who know our games and can teach many of them. Overwhelmed? Not sure what to play? They can make recommendations. Basically, $5 means you get great games in great shape with great staff ready to help you out.

I don’t want to play your copy of Monopoly. Can I bring my own?

Absolutely! We don’t even charge a corking fee!

Do you take reservations?

We do not currently take reservations. All seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can you come to my daughter’s birthday party/office event/hamsters’ wedding and bring some games?

Sounds fun! Contact us here! 

Do you sell board games?

Yes! We have a small selection of some of our favorite games for purchase in the cafe.

We Are:

Jason Bush

Husband, father, son, friend, King in the North, database wizard.

Vanessa Briceño

Bigger than a breadbox. Smarter than the average bear.

Meghan Rega

Loves spoken word sound effects. Pew pew!